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Positive Change Does Not Happen By Accident.

It takes the collective actions of peoples throughout the world committed to empowering impoverished and marginalized populations to achieve social, economic, and healthcare equality.  Our journey is permanent and global in scope to achieve a lasting and sustainable transformation.

We are moving for a cause and you are welcome to join us!

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Our mission is to help one another, in times of need, by raising funds via distinct and creative undertakings throughout the year.

Helping Hand

Our initial mission is to lend a hand to anyone who needs help to get back on their feet and improve the quality of their life. 

Love Our Earth

We care about the Earth and animals by supporting green initiatives and animal rescue programs and organizations. 

Aid Packages

Arpin Strong goals are focused on providing humanitarian aid packages for underresourced people and children around the globe. 

Food For Everyone

Having three meals a day is a human right, not a privilege. In a world of plenty, hunger should be past tense for both kids and adults. 

A Smile A Day Brings Happiness Your Way!

The Arpin Charitable Fund, Inc., /b/a Arpin Strong, is a registered 501(c)(3) that was formed as an independent organization in 2013 in response to the Boston Marathon bombings. Since that time, Arpin Strong has expanded its mission to provide financial assistance to victims of other tragedies and disaster relief to support a wide range of causes worldwide. These include medical research and treatments, environmental preservation, education, support for veterans and first responders, efforts to curb domestic abuse and homelessness, feeding the hungry, and other social issues.

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Arpin Strong's 10th Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Join the 10th Annual Arpin Strong Golf Tournament BOB SULLIVAN & MARK DEARBORN Memorial!


Experience the true joy of golf with us! Together, we can uplift others and create positive change. Join us and let's have an incredible time on the greens while making a difference! ⛳️ 

Join Hands for Hawaii 🙏🏻

In times of adversity, it’s not just communities that come together, but friendships too! We and Hawaii need you all, our kind friends, to join forces with the two old friends, Arpin Strong and Cardi’s Furniture & Mattresses in this mission! 

Arpin Strong in 2022

''Is there any better combination than getting healthy while helping others?''

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Peter Arpin
President, Arpin International Group

How Our Hearts Beat

This is how we see it – as we travel down the path of caring and providing help to those in need, we touch the lives of others and they in turn have a profound impact on the lives of those they meet… The process of healing grows and flows. And, all of a sudden, we are all experiencing change on a massive scale. 

To help us realize our vision of creating lasting change in the world, we’ve expanded our charitable outreach by creating a multi-cultural, multi-national Arpin Strong board of directors; furthermore, we continue to engage Arpin International Group’s employees, supplier partners, and customers in our mission throughout the world. It is especially in those instances where we have the opportunity to come together with our peers and discuss ways we can collectively achieve great things, that inspires us to continue to advance transformative solutions to the defining social and environmental issues of our time.

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Champions Of Contribution & Sponsorship

Thank you for your continuous support and partnership!
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