Join Arpin Strong and AIG UK Office in the Battle Against Cancer!

Arpin Strong, the unstoppable global force for good, represented by AIG UK office members is gearing up this summer to support Cancer Research UK's Race for Life. This 5k event unites communities across the UK, igniting hope and raising funds for cancer research. Prepare yourself for meaningful experience and let’s go on a life-changing journey together.

JULY 2, 2023

11:00 AM

Maidstone, Kent

Unleash Your Inner Warrior

Race for Life is an ideal chance for you to unleash your inner warrior. Challenge yourself, decide if in-person or virtual run suits you best and get ready to push your limits!

Arpin Strong: Team That Wins

We're unyielding in our fight against cancer. By joining the Race for Life, we show unwavering support to those battling this formidable enemy. Together, we'll create a future where cancer is only a memory.

AIG UK Office: Our Heros

As passionate Arpin Strong team members, AIG UK Office consistently participate in our global charity initiatives, channeling their awesomeness and generosityto make a lasting impact.

Rise Up & Register

There are two options to participate: 1. In-person or 2. Virtually. By clicking the icon below you can sign up and embrace the challenge that ignites your spirit.

Ignite the Flame, Inspire the World

Share your fiery passion on social media using hashtags #ArpinStrong and #RaceForLife. Spark the fire and inspire others to join the fight.

Together, We Can Defy the Odds

Join Arpin Strong and AIG UK Office in the battle against cancer. Share this link and invite others. Every step and breath brings us closer to a world without cancer.


Unite with us in the battle against cancer, where hearts merge as one, and the power of community becomes our unstoppable weapon. Join our noble quest, for together we shall rise, armed with compassion, resilience, and the limitless strength of the digital realm. Let us rewrite the story of cancer, not as individual warriors, but as a harmonious chorus of unwavering hope, spreading across screens and souls. Step forward, join us, and let the symphony of change begin.